February 13

What Is An In-Home Pet Sitter?

Pet Sitting is the act of caring for a pet in the owner's personal home while the pet owner is away on business or vacation.

Your pet sitter will start off with a meet-and-greet session, in which you and your pet can make sure you are comfortable with your new pet sitter. At this time your pet sitter will learn all about your pet, their routine and where you keep all of your pet’s supplies. 

After the meet-and-greet is completed, you will confirm your dates with your sitter and give them a key before they leave. Then pet care begins at the agreed upon dates.

Vacation care is the most common reason an in-home pet sitter is needed. While a pet owner is on vacation or traveling for business, the pet sitter provides, exercise, play, comfort, any necessary medications, takes in the mail, brings garbage back and forth from the curb, communicates with the power during their travel dates and cleans up any pet messes.

Pet Sitting is an excellent alternative to dog boarding or kenneling a pet for many reasons.

  • In-home pet sitting reduces your pet's stress levels.
  • Your pets are always most comfortable at home.
  • It prevents exposure to illnesses and parasites from other animals.
  • It helps your pets keep their regular routine.
  • Your pets don’t need to adapt to a new environment with incessant barking and commotion.
  • Your house is cared for and is given a lived-in look.
  • You avoid extra charges for bathing your pet before they come home.
  • You avoid having to keep your pet boarded for an extra day if they are closed for pickup on the weekends and holidays.

Not Sure Your Pet Sitting if Right for Your Pets?
Many pet owners are unsure how their pets will do in their absence. So, the best thing to do is call Pure Love Pet Sitting to find out. Let us know all about your pet and their routine. From there we can determine if a meet and greet is the next step.

Many of our clients who have tried pet sitting for the first time LOVE IT! They find out their pets really are happier and less stressed when they are home. Your pet will receive one-on-one care and you will receive photos and updates at each and every visit. Our clients also enjoy the added benefit of having their home cared for as well.

If you are interested in learning more about our pet sitting services, please reach out to the owner, Amanda Brazel at amanda@purelovepetsitting.com or call/text at 919-616-2897.

We truly hope you found this article helpful in your search for great pet care.


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