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13 Signs You’ve Hired A Fabulous Pet Sitter

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If you can say yes to most or all of these questions, you’ve obviously found a wonderful pet sitter and should cherish that relationship. Pets deserve to be loved and treated like family. 

  • 1
    They greet you by phone, text, or email with a very happy and accommodating tone of voice and/or through the language they use.
  • 2
    They are happy, friendly, warm, reassuring, and professional.
  • 3
    They do their best to accommodate any last minute changes or needs.
  • 4
    They quickly respond to your messages whether that be by phone, text, email, or messaging through their pet sitting software.
  • 5
    They send you cute photos of your pets in real time when they are pet sitting for you.
  • 6
    They get to know the personalities of your pets and talk with you about them.
  • 7
    They gush about your pets and how much they enjoy taking care of them.
  • 8
    They alert you to anything that needs attention in your home.
  • 9
    They demonstrate there love for pets on social media.
  • 10
    They truly exude how much they enjoy their job.
  • 11
    They have a positive attitude even in the midst of challenges.
  • 12
    They take care of your pets like they were there very own.
  • 13
    They make you feel at ease whenever you are away from your fur babies.

Here at Pure Love Pet Sitting, our goal is to meet all of the objectives above.  You, and your pets, deserve the very best!

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Amanda Weinraub

Owner, Pure Love Pet Sitting. Proud mama of 3 kiddos. Happily married. Obsessed with pets. Cat owner. Dog owner. Loves her two-legged clients too!