Dog-Walking Rates and Services

A well-exercised dog is a happier, healthier, less-stressed, and better-behaved dog!

Dog walking rates and dog walking services

What is a dog-walking service?
Very simply, we come to your home and take your dog/s for a walk while you are away during the day or evening!

Why hire a dog walker?
There are many reasons. Ultimately, it's to make sure your dog/s is getting the proper amount of exercise they need each day.

You might need a dog walker because you're working long hours or you're unable to get away at lunch time. It might be because you are not as able to give your dog the exercise it needs. It might be because you have a new puppy. It might be because you have a schedule conflict. The possibilities are endless, really.

What are the benefits of dog walking?
There are many benefits of regular dog walking. First and foremost, it keeps your dog healthy, agile, limber, and at a healthy weight.

Additionally, it helps satisfy your dog's instincts. Regular walks help reduce destructive behavior like chewing, digging, and scratching. A walk can help your dog feel more relaxed and sleepy rather than restless and hyper. Barking and whining are often signs your pet wants more attention from you and regular walks can help curb these unwanted behaviors while satisfying the natural urges your pet has.

It’s not always easy being a pet owner. We understand that there are many aspects of life that can get in the way of giving consistent walks. That’s why we are here to help!

Our first appointment:  "Meet-Greet-and-Learn"
This first appointment is all about getting to know each other.  We want to make sure you and your pets are completely comfortable with us and that everything feels good to you.  Plus, we want to learn all of the details about your pets, your home and just exactly how you like things done. Once you feel comfortable we will request to collect 2 keys to your home. 

Because it's so important to be thorough, we do charge a one-time fee of $25 for the "meet and greet" appointment.

quick WALK

15 minute Walk



/per walk

  • PURE LOVE and attention
  • Potty break
  • Short walk
  • Refresh water
  • Clean up pet waste
  • Take in packages
  • Refresh food
  • Playtime
  • Take in mail 

Call 919.926.0520 

How do you get started?
It's very simple.  You can make an online reservation, or text/call 919.926.0520, or you can email

We will then invite you to our pet sitting software and have you review our contract/policies, set up your pets profile and schedule your pet care. 

Other Service Fees:
After Hours: $5 per visit (7pm-10pm) 
Holiday Visits: $10 per visit
Garden Watering: $10 per watering
Emergency Pet Taxi: $45 per trip
Supply Run: $45 per trip

Looking For Pet Sitting Services?
Check out the pet sitting page for more details.

Other questions?
Please ask: or 919.926.0520. We want to make sure you're a raving fan client for life!

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