Meet Amanda and The Team - Pure Love Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Meet Amanda and The Team

Hi!  I'm Amanda Weinraub.  I'm the founder and owner of Pure Love Pet Sitting & Dog Walking.  

My Pet Sitting Experience and Journey

My pet sitting story begins in 2001, when I started a business called Pet Au Pair. It was very successful, had 10 employees and a lot of happy clients.

Then I got married, had a beautiful baby boy and wanted to devote all my time to being a mother and a wife. So, I sold Pet Au Pair to one of my employees.

It ended up being a great decision for a completely different reason. My sweet new baby had special needs. He was at risk for autism and we had no idea how things were going go. As you can imagine it was a very difficult time period.

However, I am so happy to say that he is doing wonderfully now. Of course he's 15 now and we are really enjoying these teenage years (wink).

Then we grew by two more. First was my daughter, who adores animals just like me. She is so loving, nurturing and kind. Then there was my son, who is so exuberant, emotional and very sports minded.

Now that my kids are more grown (get the Kleenex), I decided I truly missed my pet sitting business. I absolutely LOVE animals (hence the name, Pure Love and am proud to say I am a total pet nerd.) I also LOVE meeting like minded pet owners and I love business. Poof, it's the perfect combination for me.

In addition to our two-legged children we have two fur children. We have one cat; Chico. Chico is our very sweet and chill rescue kitty. We also have my baby Sadie Belle, our Cavapoo puppy. So, we have a house full of what I like to call fun chaos and a lot of PURE LOVE!

In my off time, I just love Hilton Head Island. It's my favorite family vacation spot. We love to ride bikes, go out to eat, swim in the pool and lounge at the beach. PERFECTION! I also enjoy movies, binge watching great murder mysteries with my hubby, family time, and cooking family meals.

I am also happily married to the love of my life. He is definitely my best friend, partner and soulmate. I am so very grateful.

Now that you know about my personal story, please let me explain my philosophy about owning a professional and loving pet sitting service.

My Thoughts On Pet Sitting
I truly understand the fact that leaving your pets and home in the care of someone else is an extremely serious responsibility. I take this to heart and our #1 goal is to make our two-legged clients feel at ease and stress free, while at the same time making our four-legged clients feel loved, supported, cared for, safe, healthy and happy.

I want your entire experience, from start to finish, to be as smooth as possible and for you to know there is always someone available to handle an emergency should one arise while you are away. 

Our team is mature, very responsible and has extended experience with pets. We treat your home and your pets as if they were our very own. That means we always use our sweet voices with pets, we use positive reinforcement, we are gentle, kind, compassionate and of course loving. We clean up after ourselves and your pets while you are away. You will find that we are very conscientious and aware. This is exactly what you want in a professional pet sitting service. 

We are here to create a lasting relationship with you and your pets. We are a local, family-owned business and we are dedicated to what we do year round to support you when you travel or at work.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions. I can’t wait to connect!

Contact Me
I'd love to speak with you.  You can call/text me at 919.616.2897 or please email me at  
If you want to make reservations for pet care, you can contact me with the info above or you can go to the Reservations Page.

You can also click for more info about our services and benefits.

Meet Jennifer Sass

Hello! My name is Jennifer and I have been a professional pet sitter for almost two years with Pure Love Pet Sitting.  I absolutely love caring for dogs, cats, lizards and other small critters.

About me: I grew up in the NC mountains, attended college in Greensboro, lived in Arizona for a couple of years before eventually settling in Cary. I enjoy new experiences and have traveled extensively throughout the United States.

I am married and have 2 daughters that keep me on my toes. I have a full-time job that is flexible and allows me extra time to pet sit.  I am so grateful for all of my fellow pet lovers that trust me with their babies.  

I love to be active and outdoors and I am a forever pet lover! I have been rescuing animals my whole life. I would bring them all home if I could. I believe that every animal deserves a loving family. Animals bring us so much joy and it is our responsibility to pamper them.

I have a very lazy and temperamental older cat, two very active kittens and 2 senior rescue dogs of my own-they are all spoiled. I am very particular about the care that they receive, especially when I am not around. That is why I completely understand the stress involved in trusting someone else to love and take care of your animals while you are away.

I have years of experience with many different breeds of dogs and I am comfortable with walking/jogging/interacting with any type of dog. I know basic training for dogs and can follow your lead on training if that is needed. I also love to cuddle a kitty too-if they allow that. I am very patient and have never met an animal that didn't like me-we are kindred spirits.  

I am so excited to meet you and your fur babies! I hope to help make the stress of owning pets easier for you and your family.  

Meet Justin Weinraub

Hello! My name is Justin Weinraub and I am Amanda's husband and right hand man. 

Amanda introduced me to my first kitty that she and I rescued together when we were first dating back in the year 2000. I insistently fell in love. His name was Budward and he could literally do no wrong. Budward and I were best friends.

Since then we've had many rescue kitties and now a puppy as well. Our house is full, but we all love it.

I absolutely LOVE pets. Amanda has taught me a great deal about both dogs, cats, and other small animals. I enjoy working with her, our wonderful clients, and of course their 4 legged fur family. 

You will find that I provide reliable, trustworthy, and very loving pet care.

I am also Amanda's web designer and I am a network engineer. I love supporting Amanda and being a part of our family business. It's so much fun.