May 30

Find The Perfect Pet Sitter By Asking These 10 Questions

Here is a handy list of questions that we recommend you ask every pet sitter that you interview before choosing the right one. We’ve also included a PDF of this checklist so you can print it out and use it at your meet and greet or on the phone.


Do you have the proper business license for your city and state? 

If your city and state require a business license your pet sitter should have a valid business license to perform in-home pet care for your pets.


Are you insured and bonded? 

Always ask this question and always ask for proof of insurance and bonding. You will want to verify that the dates are still active as well. This added reassurance is helpful in the event that something go wrong.


Do you have a copy of your criminal background check that includes animal cruelty criminal charges? 

There are excellent background checks available for pet sitters and you should request a copy of your pet sitter's criminal background to make sure you are hiring a law abiding citizen.


Do you have positive reviews and/or references? 

With the internet and social media platforms it is very easy to see how your pet sitter performs by reading reviews across all social media sites and major search engines like Google. Do your homework and read these reviews carefully. It is also a good idea to request personal references from your pet sitter.


Will you provide us with a pet sitting services contract? 

A well-written contract outlines the details of what the pet sitter will provide and how. This ensures another level of professionalism as well as details about how the pet sitter will conduct themselves while taking care of your pets and home.


Do you belong to a professional pet sitting association?

This is a great question. Your pet sitter should belong to at least one professional association that helps educate the pet sitter about best business practices in their field.


What are your emergency plans in the event there is a natural disaster? 

Natural disasters do occur and it your pet sitter should have a plan of action in case there is one in your area. Learn about their plan of action and make your wishes known.


What happens if you get sick or have a personal emergency right before or during my scheduled pet care? 

Emergencies happen for everyone and your pet sitter should have a back-up plan for these types of situations. Make sure they explain in detail what will happen if they cannot make it to your home to care for your pets on the scheduled dates.


Are you a cat person and/or a dog person? 

There are many pet sitters out there and some of them tend to favor one type of pet over another. Make sure you are hiring the right pet sitter for the job. Your pet sitter should understand how to approach both types of pets without a lot of instruction.


Can you administer medication to my pet? 

This is always an important question if your pet needs any type of medication. Make sure they are comfortable with administering medication and make sure you give them specific instructions about how your pets take their medication.

We hope you find this list of questions helpful in your search for a pet sitter for your pet care needs.

Make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction. The goal is to hire a professional pet sitter that is loving, kind, warm, friendly, conscientious, reliable, trustworthy and good at running a business in the pet care industry. 

Printable PDF Version

We’ve also included a printable version that you can print it out and use it at your meet and greet or on the phone.


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