June 1

4 Tips To Protect Your Dog’s Paws This Summer

The hot weather is here and it’s important to be aware of how to protect your dog’s paws this summer from hot pavement.

As you've probably experienced, pavement reaches much hotter temperatures than the air and these temps can really hurt your fur baby. Ouch!

In fact, pavement temps can reach in excess of 145 degrees on days when the air temp is above 90.

To avoid burns (which can range from being uncomfortable for your dog to requiring immediate medical attention), we recommend these 4 tips for protecting your dog's paws:


Walk Your Dog When it’s Cooler Outside
This is an obvious tip, but some folks don’t consider this enough. Make sure you go out early in the morning and later in the evening when the sun is not blazing. However, if you need to walk your dog during the hot midday, here are some other options to consider.


Stay on the Grass When It’s Hot
Make sure you walk along the sidewalk and keep your dog on the grass while you walk. During all of our mid-day walks this is what we are trained to do during hot summer months.


Consider Using Paw Wax
There are fantastic paw protection out there for your pet. They are easy to use and not that expensive. You can try Musher's Secret or Espree Paw Balm.


Try Out Dog Shoes
Dog shoes are also a great way to protect your dogs paws. This can be a bit harder to do if you have a puppy but for older dogs it can be very effective. Dog shoes can be found online as well.


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